About Us

Who Are We?

  • We are Americans who believe this nation is under attack from home and abroad.
  • We are patriots who are fed up with Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) operating in their Uniparty, also known as The Swamp.
  • We are individualists who believe the collectivists have no idea how to handle their own problems and certainly shouldn’t be trying to handle ours.
  • We are nationalists who believe the globalist cabal of elites is trying to usher in The Great Reset.

What Do We Do?

We post three types of content here. Some are exclusive and written by in-house contributors. Some are cross-posted with permission from other sites. Some are curated with partial stories that link to source material.

The goal is to bring the most important news to the masses. Our philosophy is simple: Stories must be crucial. There are plenty of conservative websites that write movie reviews or post cartoons. There’s a place for that. Our intention is to make every story worthy of a read. We want stories that do more than rant. We want solutions. We face a plethora of problems plaguing America today. If we’re to solve them, we can’t just focus on “owning the libs” as many publications enjoy doing. It’s great for clickbait, but it doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Who Is JD Rucker?

Our Editor-in-Chief and Founder, JD Rucker, is an America First patriot who holds defending this nation as a top priority, just below defending and nurturing his own family. But even those things are secondary to his faith. Our website may be called “America First Report,” but worshipping God is his true obligation.

Thankfully, the three priorities in his life all go together. By defending this nation and protecting his family, he is doing as instructed in the Bible.

As resident of Southern California, JD worked for over a decade in advertising, PR, and marketing before selling his company in 2017 to focus on faith, family, and freedom. He went back to his college roots in journalism and launched NOQ Report. Today, that site is being transitioned over to here. The reason for the change is straightforward. The branding for NOQ Report was just too difficult. As he did more interviews on various shows, he realized everyone seemed to pronounce the name of the site differently. Some said “knock report.” Others called it “noke report.” There was “N-O-Q report” as well as “No Q report.”

The letters stood for “News, Opinions, Quotes,” but he found that the last part of name, the quotes, were simply too hard to manage.

The short version of the story is this: Changing the name to “America First Report” better exemplifies what he originally wanted from his site and eliminates ongoing confusion about what “NOQ” even means.

Besides this site, JD also operates around a dozen other sites that are more focused on particular topics ranging from politics, faith, conspiracies, cultural, and even prepping. He is also Editor at The Liberty Daily, the conservative alternative to Drudge Report.

Contact him at jdrucker (at) substack.com


We do not receive corporate funding of any type. Over the past couple of years, we have been approached by a handful of networks, larger websites, and investors who want to buy our sites. Though we will always have those conversations and would entertain viable offers, maintaining strict editorial control is a prerequisite to any partnership. Some of us have learned the hard way that letting others, even many so-called conservatives, drive the narrative and even censor us at times is not the way to go.

All of our funding comes from advertisers, sponsors, and donations. JD is very particular with the advertisers he allows on his site. We work with two ad networks, Decide (formerly Lockerdome) and Jeeng (formerly Power Inbox). Both are conservative-friendly and do not flood the site with soft porn or toe fungus ads.

As for direct sponsors, we currently work with MyPillow (promo code “JDR”), My Patriot Supply, Valley Food Storage, Nutrient Survival, Our Gold Guy, GoldCo, and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

Those who wish to donate, which is our primary source of revenue, can do so on GiveSendGo or Giving Fuel.


Normally, mission statements are short and are at the beginning of an About Us page. We put this at the bottom because it’s the vibe we want our visitors to embrace with when they visit our site.

Pretty much all of our problems as a nation can be boiled down to one major issue: They’re coming after our freedoms. Everything from the economy to crime to the border crisis can be attributed to the radical left’s policies that remove our freedoms and deny our sovereignty.

America First Report is dedicated to stopping those who would take our freedom while working towards returning the freedoms we’ve already lost. We are not anarchists, but we do believe in limited government as the only proper way for this nation to survive and thrive.

Fake news is one of the biggest problems we face because corporate media and Big Tech work with the radical left in politics to end our freedoms. They are complicit, which is why we will always fight as hard as we can to get the truth out there.

This, perhaps more than anything else, is how we can defeat the leftists and globalists. The truth is on our side. We just need to do a better job at getting it out there.

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